1. How do you donate to Toonies for Tummies?

Shoppers can donate in-store, at participating retailers, during our campaign period or online year-round at the

2. How does The Grocery Foundation decide which schools get funding?

The Foundation works with the Ontario Student Nutrition Program, a provincial initiative which exists to provide nutritious food to children and youth. This network represents various towns, municipalities and schools at the elementary and high-school level across the entire province. OSNPN advises The Foundation on local programs, including the needs at each. Funding supports school breakfast, snack and/or lunch programs.

3. What students can attend these programs?

Student nutrition programs are universal - this means they are open to all students attending the school making nutritious food available to them, supporting their success. These guidelines include serving one serving of fruit and/or vegetable at every meal and snack.

4. What do student nutrition programs serve the children?

Student nutrition programs are provided with nutrition guidelines to help them with menu selection and to help ensure they select/serve nutritious foods for breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

5. Do 100% of funds donated at the till and online go to the programs?

Yes. The Toonies for Tummies program is supported by Campaign sponsors and retailer partners. Their support enable the program including awareness-building of the issue, the impact of student nutrition programs. With this support in place, The Grocery Foundation can ensure 100% of donations flow to local student nutrition programs in the communities where the donations are made. The names of the sponsoring companies and retail partners can be found on The Foundation’s website