Toonies for Tummies Funds Flowing to Local Programs: $923,284 Raised!

With the snow finally gone and the longer days, many of us may not recall (or want to recall the very cold February of 2015) across many parts of Ontario and Atlantic Canada. But despite the cold, Canadians showed their warmth with donations to the Toonies for Tummies campaign. This year we hit some records, the dollars collected online, the most social engagement for the campaign, And, of course, one of the most important measures, the dollars raised.

We’re thrilled to report the 2015 Toonies for Tummies campaign raised $923,284 and over $6,100 was received online. With these in-store and online donations came the support of many stores and their personnel who helped share the Toonies story with you; especially the fact that 100 per cent of the money collected will go to children and all the monies collected by stores will go to breakfast programs in their direct vicinity.

We are working with the agencies in Ontario who are experts in helping oversee school nutrition programs to help ensure the donations flow back to the 54 regions which exist in the province. In Each of these geographical regions, there are a number of programs for elementary and high-school aged children. These schools will use the funds to help ensure children have access to healthy breakfast meals, mid-morning meals and snacks as well as snacks after school. Our program and the distribution of funds in Atlantic Canada will follow a very similar model and will help ensure children across the region are benefiting.

We are hoping to share more stories with you in the coming weeks and months on how your dollars are helping. In the meantime we wanted to be sure to give you a complete update on the success of this year’s program, thank you and ask you to consider supporting our manufacturer and retail sponsoring brands. Together we are feeding tummies, we are also feeding futures, one Toonie at a time.