Toonies for Tummies 2018 – Coming Soon to a Store Near You!

You know what it's like when you're hungry or "hangry". 

Far too many children in Canada who are attending school, hoping to do their best, participate in sports, graduate experience this feeling daily.

Nineteen companies in Canada who make food and consumer products in Canada want to join you in helping us give these children in elementary and high-school the best possible start to their day with access to a nutritious meal or mid-morning snack. These sponsors help enable the Toonies for Tummies program which is quietly at work each morning in schools throughout Ontario and Western Canada.

Retailers, also in your neighbourhood, Save-On-Foods, IGA (BC), Nesters Market and Buy-Low along with Metro, Food Basics, Longo's, Rabba and a host of independent retailers in Ontario, are also a very active part of the effort to help positively impact the lives of children - today and well into the future as they graduate fueled with increased knowledge around proper nutrition.

We know there are many important causes that are important to you, to your family and to your community. We hope feeding children is one of them.

Thank you in advance for donating $2 at the till January-March and, if possible, online year-round.

Our goal for this year's campaign is to raise $1 Million dollars that will benefit 1.1M children and hopefully fund some new student nutrition programs that are very much in need of support.

If you'd like to see some of these programs, including in your community, check out our Toonie Tracker.

On behalf of our student nutrition partners and the many volunteers who greet countless children, nourishing their bodies and potential, we thank you.