Sponsor Spotlight: Parmalat


Having a glass of milk, a piece of cheese, or some yogurt is part of the breakfast and snack routine for countless Canadians. It’s part of a nutritious lifestyle, and yummy, too!

However, the reality is many Canadian children, including in Ontario and Atlantic Canada may not be getting all the essential dairy they need to develop and reach their full potential including in school.

That’s why Parmalat is involved with the Grocery Foundation – helping it with various initiatives including Toonies for Tummies which gets essential meals and snacks to children in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada.

The winter months are here, and kids are heading out to school in the cold – many in need of extra energy as they play in the snow. We know through our efforts in support of Toonies for Tummies that breakfast programs across Canada are able to offer a range of healthy options to children – from cheese and crackers, to fruit smoothies complete with yogurt and fruit.

Being part of the Toonies for Tummies program is a true reflection of the values that are part of the culture at Parmalat, it's one of the programs we support including Breakfast Clubs of Canada and the Kids Help Phone, a program that we support as an active Founding Sponsor.

There are many different ways that companies support children and causes in Canada – we know that hunger and mental wellness, especially among our children and youth are critical and we are so very proud to play a part in the overall efforts to make a difference. With each meal and with each child, with each call that we are able to answer with an trained counselor we are making a difference in that moment and potentially for some time to come as we help create patterns of wellness and platforms for success.

If you have an opportunity to support Toonies for Tummies this year, we encourage you to do so. Consider a donation in-store, share the video. In reality, not all children are getting the adequate nutrition they need at home, that’s where breakfast and school nutrition programs make the critical difference. We invite you to join us and all the Toonies for Tummies sponsor companies and retailers. A Toonie may not seem a lot, but to a child it helps close the bridge between today’s reality and tomorrow’s possibility.

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