Sponsor Spotlight: Canada Bread Company

Breads, buns, tortillas, bagels, English muffins. Each day our associates rise to bake the freshest, highest-quality breads. You have almost certainly enjoyed at least one of our many products at breakfast, lunch or dinner as our work is baked into life. Every meal. Every day.

We take nutrition seriously and firmly believe that we can make a difference in the lives of Canadians by commercializing products that contribute to their health and well-being. Our mission at Canada Bread is to nourish and delight our world. As part of that commitment, we have introduced more nutritious, healthier products for Canadians to enjoy. Over the last few years, we have launched innovative products in the whole grains and higher health segments, created a delicious gluten-free bread, introduced “No fat, no sugar” breads and reduced the amount of salt in many of our products.

Every year, close to 4 million individuals in Canada, including 1.5 million children experience food insecurity and don’t have access to nutritious foods in sufficient quantity to maintain good health. Studies show that children who suffer from poor nutrition have lower cognitive scores and it has lasting effects on their development. As a company, we believe that it is our responsibility to support people in the communities we live and work in to help provide them with nourishing foods. This is why Canada Bread is fully committed to actively supporting programs like The Grocery Foundation Toonies for Tummies and Voucher programs because they are helping families every year by funding critical nutrition and breakfast programs in schools, a cause that we are passionate about.