Sponsor Spotlight: Campbell's

Over 800,000 Canadians rely on food banks each month, and almost one third are children.

Makes you pause, right?

We wanted to try to address the issue of hunger but we know it is a complex issue. Back in 2008, we launched a hunger awareness and food drive campaign called Help Hunger Disappear®. In the years since, it has helped drive our donations to Food Banks Canada and encouraged Canadians to get involved and make donations to their local food banks. We also help support Food Banks Canada through annual donations of funds and products, by donating one million pounds of wholesome food products to food banks across the country each year.

Another way that we are working to address the issue of hunger is by collaborating with our neighbours, the Daily Bread Food Bank. For the last several years, we have helped provide funding to a number of Daily Bread Food Bank programs including the Food Service Training program – a program that helps individuals involved with Daily Bread Food Bank to get the training they need to find careers in the food service industry. We also encourage employees to volunteer on-site with food sort and other projects.

In 2011, we were inspired to develop a unique food product with donation in mind. We created Nourish: a complete meal, made up of nutrient-dense ingredients like a full serving of three food groups (as outlined by Canada’s Food Guide). Designed to be eaten without adding water, either heated or at room temperature, it is an ideal donation item for food banks or in disaster-relief situations. Since its launch in February 2011, we have donated nearly half a million cans to food banks across the country through Food Banks Canada as well as donations to northern Canadian communities, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

There is still much more to be done.

As a food company, we’re trying to do what we can to ease the impact – even if it’s for just one meal. We believe that together we can help alleviate hunger. Would love to know how our blog readers are getting involved, in the comment section.

*All hunger facts according to the 2013 HungerCount Report by Food Banks Canada.

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