Sponsor Spotlight: A. Lassonde Inc.

Founded in 1918, A. Lassonde Inc. is a family business that has always strived to offer consumers the highest quality food products. A sound mind in a healthy body… this saying reflects the deeply held values that A. Lassonde Inc. is dedicated to transmit by means of its products, its donation and sponsorship policy, and its promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Our commitment: to protect and preserve the health and safety of our employees as well as the health and safety of local communities and of our consumers.

The Grocery Foundation exists for a simple reason; to help kids who need a hand up in life. Their mission today is simple: Getting food to hungry kids. With ALLEN’S apple juice in Ontario and GRAVES juices in Atlantic Provinces, we proudly support their fundraising Toonies for Tummies to help raise funds to support school nutrition programs administered by registered charities.

Thanks to this initiative, a toonie will fill a tummy as well as provide a sound mind in a healthy body…

Support the Toonies for Tummies campaign by making a donation in-store February 5-19. Your toonie will go towards providing nutritious meals to school-aged children in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada.