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Toonies for Tummies is a campaign that is made possible through our sponsor companies and partnering retailers.

We know because you've told us, that you look forward to the Toonies for Tummies coupons made possible through our sponsor companies offering many food, beverage products you love.

We’re pleased to inform you, that with the support of our sponsoring companies, we once again are offering shoppers a Toonies for Tummies coupon booklet upon making a $2 donation to the campaign February 5-19th. These booklets will be available at participating retailers, while supplies last.

Be sure to visit your local retailer and take advantage of this offerThank you in advance for supporting Toonies for Tummies and our campaign sponsors. Be sure to shop their products in-store. Donate at the till and redeem your Toonies for Tummies sponsor coupons.


Atlantic Canada




We've also enlisted the support of childen who have helped us create a wonderful story on how a Toonies helps feed a tummy. We hope you enjoy watching and sharing as much as we enjoyed helping tell the story with them.

We also know that so many people in Canada are not fully aware for the issue of food insecurity which essentially means kids going to school hungry. We’ve also created this infograpic on the Toonies campaign and its impact in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada. Please share it!