Meet Sara, a Grade 12 student from Toronto!

Sara is one of our Agents of Change student ambassadors, she represents over 160,000 children in Toronto who use nutritional programs a day in Toronto!

Christine from Amidst the Chaos got to interview Sara about her involvement in the student nutrition program at her school and how she is helping raise awareness among her peers.

At the Agents of Change summit in Toronto on February 8th, Sara encouraged all of the sponsors, brands and retailers in the room to visit a school & see the nutritional programs effects first-hand.

Sara shared with Christine, "I’ve met a few people that come to school with nothing to eat. For example, I know a boy that even when he didn’t have dinner the night before, would give his lunch to one of his two younger sisters so that they could eat. When I first met him, he would only eat breakfast from our breakfast program and survive on that till the next morning."

These nutrition programs do more than just feed the hungry, the community is coming together, people are being built up...

Read Sara's full interview with Christine.