Meet PJ, a Grade 9 student from Thornhill. He's one of our Agents of Change!

PJ is a Grade 9 student at Stephen Lewis SS. He and the 10 other student Ambassadors are helping to implement change for a healthier and more prosperous tomorrow. On February 8th, PJ will be in Toronto giving his presentation on how he wishes to change the Student Nutrition conversation.

Tammy from In R Dream got the opportunity to interview PJ this past week.

Tell me more about how you became a youth Ambassadors for Toonies for Tummies Agents of Change Summit?

I have helped run snack programs at a few elementary schools.

What are your thoughts on Student Nutrition and its impact on today’s students?

Is it is super important and it is not a topic that is being discussed often.

Give us a teaser about your presentation in the upcoming Toonies for Tummies Agents of Change Summit in Toronto this February?

Social media is what makes the world run.

Read Tammy's full interview with PJ on her blog. Tammy also has a quick and easy way to give your breakfast a special smile.