Meet Kristen from North Hastings High School

At the Agents of Change Summit in Toronto on February 8th, Kristen represented the Southeast Region; Frontenac, Lennox, Addington, Lanark, Hasting & Prince Edward counties, which feeds over 35,000 school-aged children every day.

Kristen is a Grade 11 student from North Hastings High School in Bancroft, Ontario. Through her direct involvement with the breakfast programs offered at schools, Kristen knows that in order to learn well, kids to eat well!

During her presentation, she shared her ideas of how to further the message of the need and the impact student nutritional programs make in the lives of the kids who are able to utilize them. Ultimately, Kristen would like to change the stigma surrounding the food programs. She believes nutritional programs should be open to all students, "whether it be you slept in and had to skip breakfast or just ran out of cereal for the morning."

Kim from Tales of a Ranting Ginger was able to interview Kristen prior to her attending the Summit, to read her full story, including more about her presentation at the Agents of Change Summit, click here.