Meet Khadeeja, Agent of Change grade 12 student from Ottawa

Meet Khadeeja, a Grade 12 IB student with the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario in Ottawa. Recently Rebecca from Bit of Momsense interviewed her regarding her involvement in her school's breakfast club. 

After taking a nutrition class Khadeeja became interested nutrition and how important it is especially in kids.

Her school’s breakfast club feeds 80-120 students each day. She believes the reason some students need to use the program varies – from lack of food at home, stressful situations, choosing not to eat when they first wake up, and weight concerns/food avoidance.

Khadeeja will discussing diversity and multiculturalism before the Agents of Change Summit on February 8th and how food brings us together.

Make sure you read Rebecca's full interview with Khadeeja.