Meet Keira, a student at Rothwell Osnabruck School in Ingleside.

Recently Crystal from Crystal Clear as Mud had the chance to interview Keira, a student from Rothwell Osnabruck School in Ingleside, Ontario. Back at home, Keira is making a name for herself in nutrition. She is also one of the 11 student ambassadors heading next week to the Grocery Foundation's very first Agents of Change Summit in Toronto on February 8th.

Keira noticed many of her peers were not making their own lunches, showing up at school with bags of chips and other junk foods. Last year Keira got involved in when she applied for a position as an environmental representative. As part of her interview process, she suggested the idea of starting a smoothie program. That idea came to fruition this past semester when she was gifted a Vitamix and told she had the go-ahead.

She is hoping her delicious initiative takes off and continues beyond her when she heads to University.

Read her full interview here.