How One Toronto Woman Ushered in her 60th Birthday feeding 100 children

Yvonne celebrated her 60th birthday a few months ago. It was about the same time the #TooniesforTummies program was taking place in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada.

A resident of Toronto, Yvonne came upon the campaign when in-store. She, like many, was surprised to learn that children (many of them) in her community, were going school hungry.

“I first heard of toonies for tummies at the Sobeys grocery checkout. Having never in my 60 years gone hungry, I was shocked to learn that school kids in my own neighbourhood arrive at school hungry."

With her birthday celebrations ahead of her. Yvonne decided to selflessly give back to many children she'll never have the chance to meet. With the in-store materials decorating her "party" Yvonne and her guests raised $200 which will go toward providing 100 children, just over 3 classrooms with nutritious food.

Happy Birthday Yvonne! Wishing you many more to come.