How An Employee's Love of Food, Inspired A Company

Crawford Packaging's employee Stella is a self-proclaimed foodie, who's mouth will water when recalling a delicious meal. She also will tell you that she, "learned from my parents that food makes everyone smile."

It's this passion for food and for smiling that inspired Stella and her co-workers at Brampton-based Crawford Packaging, to rally behind Toonies for Tummies with a company-wide fundraiser.

Inspired by her childhood which included being one of seven children -- always with food -- and a mother known to share leftovers with neighbours and families, it was easy for Stella to rally her employees especially as she puts it, "it's very disturbing to know children are hungry. How and why is this happening?"

Employees at the company, which has a history across the province in London, Barrie, Mississauga, and now in Brampton, raised $760 which was donated to Toonies for Tummies.

Today, there are over 1.2M children in the province who partake in student nutrition programs each year. In Peel Region, which includes the vicinity of this company's head office, that number is 125,000. The funds donated from Crawford Packaging will benefit students in grade and high school students and will provide nearly 1,500 nutritious meals and/or snacks.

"These children are our future, every little bit helps," says Stella, adding "I look forward to the next opportunity and challenge myself to raise double what we currently donated!"

We're sure the thought of that result has a lot of students and volunteers who help run breakfast programs in the region smiling, too.