Fun Ways For Kids To Raise Money For Charity

One of the wonderful aspects about The 2014 Toonies for Tummies campaign was that children took it upon themselves to raise money for Toonies.

When we teach our children to support our charities, we’re teaching them to support others and a better future for all. Involving children in Toonies For Tummies is an excellent way to provide a better tomorrow for our communities, and to give kids' perspective outside of themselves. Toonies for Tummies is something that kids of all ages can rally behind and relate to – they know how hard it is to learn or pay attention when they are hungry. It’s important to encourage our children to become involved. Building on the fund raising effort of one grade 5 class, here are some fun ideas for kids to consider:

1. Think Outside The Lemonade Stand

The business platform of a lemonade stand is a perfect start up; you don’t need a ton to get going, and it’s a product that is tried, tested and true. Your child gets a lesson in business while also raising money to feed hungry kids in your community? What would happen if you took it one step further? Why not host a bake sale; you could bake the goodies yourself or ask friends and neighbours to contribute to a good cause. Then, pick a central location and get your selling started!

2. Host An Event

If sales aren’t your favourite method of fundraising, you could try your hand at event planning. Host a concert or talent show by donation. You can use a public space, or reach out to churches and community centres to find a spot that may work for you.

3. Host A Party

This is an idea that’s fun and beneficial! Encourage your kids to host a charity party where people donate to Toonies for Tummies at the door, while also having a great time together. There’s nothing more amazing than communities, friends and classmates coming together to support hungry kids.

4. Have a Garage Sale

We’ve all got things that we don’t want or need anymore, which is a great way to raise funds with proceeds going to charity. Advertise your garage sale in the paper and by making posters to hang around your neighbourhood. This is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted clutter and raising funds for hungry children in your community.

Remember that you’ll want to make it clear that proceeds are going to Toonies For Tummies and the Grocery Foundation which has helped to raise over 80 million dollars. People love supporting this initiative and getting food into the mouths of those who need it most.