Food Basics: Proud Supporter of #Toonies4Tummies

Breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day and crucial for proving proper nutrition to children so that they can thrive while they’re in the classroom. In Ontario, many children go without and arrive at school hungry, without the fuel they need to get through the day.

Food Basics is a proud supporter of the communities it serves across the province - and for that reason is involved in the Toonies for Tummies campaign, which raises funds to provide essential meals and snacks to children in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Last year, the grocery store (along with its sister brand, Metro) raised a total of $507,916 thanks to the kind donations of its customers and the dedication of its staff.

From February 5-19, 2015, Food Basics’ customers will be asked at check-out if they can contribute $2 towards the Toonies for Tummies campaign. The proceeds will be used to help feed the one in six Canadian children who go to school hungry each day, by funding breakfast programs in the communities where the money is raised. Shoppers will be able to see the exact school their contributions are supporting by entering their postal code on the website.

Food Basics is a banner of Metro Inc, which operates a variety of grocery stores in Ontario and Quebec. As a part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Metro observes four pillars that have aligned to their overall business strategy: respect for the environment, delighted customers, strengthened communities and empowered employees. Under the strengthened communities pillar, and through community investment programs such as the Toonies for Tummies campaign, Metro’s donations in 2013, the most recent year for which figures are available, totaled $5.1 million through cash and company products. This is the equivalent of 1.2% of the average net earnings for the past three fiscal years. To find out more about how Metro supports its communities, visit

Food Basics highly encourages its shoppers and employees to participate in and support the Toonies for Tummies campaign this year – either by making a donation when they shop or by spreading the word on social media to their family and friends. A toonie may be a very small amount to give, but it makes a world of difference to the children who need it the most.